Everything you wanted to know about the Awards.

Our Story

The Funny Women Awards were created in 2003, and have become the leading platform for so many talented female performers, writers, creators and short film makers. The Awards are the ‘beating heart’ of Funny Women where our mission is to encourage women to have a stronger, funnier and memorable voice across media, business and beyond.

We’re here to help you celebrate and promote your talent. We aim to put you in front of the right people to progress your comedy career and provide mentorship and support.

Past Winners

We’ve had the great pleasure of seeing some of the greatest new female comedy acts begin their careers by taking part in the Funny Women Awards. 

So many of our alumni have gone on to do amazing things, and become household names. We couldn’t be more proud. 

We catch up with our Awards alumni whenever we can, which you can read about on our magazine pages.

The Present

In 2020 we ran the Comedy Shorts and Comedy Writing Awards for those of you who wanted to interpret their comedic skills through film or script, the Best Show Award was on hiatus, and we selected the Best Comedy Web Series by public nomination. 

The Stage Award as ever, was for those who preferred to be in the limelight, but with a 2020 digital twist.

Stay tuned for the latest awards news on our website. We’ll be back in 2021.

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